Check One Off The Bucket List – Niagara Falls

By | 2015-06-14

I recently took a friend to Niagara Falls to celebrate his graduating high school near Erie PA. Neither of us had been there before, and my gut said it would be a blast. Who am I to argue with what my gut says – Lynn’s Rule #9 clearly applied, so I erred on the side of ‘fun wins’.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience the falls, do yourself a favor and watch this 5 minute video I just finished splicing together.

I should mention I used an iPhone 6 in the air and a Samsung Galaxy S3 on the water. I don’t have a LifeProof case for my iPhone yet, but OtterBox was nice enough to send me one for the GS3. What? Doesn’t everyone carry 6 spare smartphones, 2  spare tablets and a second laptop with them?

Seriously take the trip, but have a passport with you. I didn’t have one and now I have to go back to see the Canadian side up close and personal. Too bad for me, right? I can’t wait!

If you’re wondering, the helicopter was $110/seat. Great deal actually. I thought it was going to be twice that.

The gift shop next to the helicopter pad had pictures with the falls lit up at night by colored spotlights. They were, well, look at these imagesHere’s the schedule. You’ll get it. Impressive. Powerful. Beautiful. Spectacular. Amazing. Epic. Wow!

Terrific. I literally just now realized I could have seen the light show if I waited an hour. I’ll use the ‘I was tired’ excuse and see it next time.

Making the video was the first time I had a chance to look at the vids since then. I’m still in awe and reliving the moments.

All 9 of Lynn’s Rules applied to that three hour experience. That’s a first. Enjoy the video and please do check out Niagara Falls.

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