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Someone Asked Me Recently Where I Get My News

That’s a tricky question. I don’t follow mainstream news at all. It only takes about 15 seconds of reading a newspaper or watching broadcast news to put me in a bad mood. I don’t have time for it. This is what I do have time for.

My First 3D Scan

I’ve been following the 3D scanning and printing trends for quite some time, but haven’t engaged in the potential until today. Skanect has been on my Mac for almost a year, but I didn’t have an input until my Kinect USB power cable arrived this week.

3-D Printed Housing Evolution

I just watched a simulation of a rather unique 3D Printer. I missed this NBC Nightly News piece when it ran in December 2012. Timing in the interview indicates potential real world equipment being available very soon. Who needs a single house? Imagine printing out a ‘compound’ with separate units all sharing common utility connections,… Read More »

T-Rex Display Follows You!

This is a classic example of creepy following eyes… Here’s the template in Green, Red and Blue. I feel a need for a Rottweiler version. (Can only be viewed with one eye or through a camera.) I made this one! Well, I cut it out and applied some crafty folding and taping technique…