Drone, meet Hawk. Hawk, meet Drone. Play Nice.

By | 2014-10-11

We’ve all heard about delivery drones being shot down by irritated bystanders, miscreants or kids just havin’ a little fun with slingshots or shotguns, but I’m pretty sure Amazon didn’t think of natural predators.

Two things:

  1. Is the loss considered an act of God from an insurance perspective and therefore not covered?
  2. Is the owner of the drone liable for harming a bird of prey? How about the intended recipient of the package? By the way, in the US, all species of hawks, falcons, eagles (birds of prey) are protected non-game by state and federal laws.

Birds in Australia have been attacking drones since testing began.

I wonder if the hawk would take a customer’s package to back to its nest for the eyas?

Eagles like playing with drones them too.

There was another of a Raven taunting a drone for several minutes but it didn’t attack. You can google for that one.

Ok. I’ll say it. In their defense, the drones were clearly playing Angry Birds. Or were the birds playing Angry Drones…

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